Remote Management

By utilizing high speed internet links and remote management/remote control software, Emerald IT Consultants can monitor your network continuously, identify many problems before they become critical and remotely perform network maintenance work such as creation of users, managing network access security, installation of applications and resolution of basic application problems. A significant proportion of the work performed on-site can now be delivered more efficiently using these techniques.


Host your own E-mail

MDaemon is a Windows-based email server that provides full mail server functionality and control as well as a host of other features. It includes anti-virus and anti-spam security features, seamless Web access to email via the integrated WorldClient component, can be administered remotely through the web-based WebAdmin plug-in, and much more.

Detect and stop viruses before they get to your inbox
Filter out unwanted spam
Integrates with any POP3 e-mail client
Web based interface for access away from the office
Detect Spoofed e-mail addresses

Backup Solutions

Any IT manager that has attempted disaster recovery by performing a full restore knows that the restore process is complex, time-consuming and down right frustrating. With downtime being the chief enemy of every business, hard drive and Network Attached Storage(NAS) based backups provide the security your business needs.With our backup and imaging software, your downtime in the even of a complete failure will go from hours or days, to minutes. We can design a custom backup solution for your business.

Spam Filtering

Overwhelmed by spam? We have a solution for that too. It runs on a Windows based system and will work with any POP3 e-mail account. Server based and centrally managed so no need to install additional software on your workstations. Easy to use interface that puts you in control of your spam filtering.


Antivirus Solutions

We have a comprehensive antiviral defense solution that covers all points of your corporate environment from the perimeter to the smartphone. Its scalable and sophisticated management capabilities suit your enterprise - whether large and complex or small to midsized. It eases antivirus administration by providing a single console for managing your heterogeneous environments, and delivers easy methods to implement, administer and update signatures.



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