Suppose your workstation fails to boot up one morning or when it comes up it displays an error you've never seen before. You can give the Help Desk a call, and we will dispatch one of our technicians to determine what the problem is.

Procurement Assistance:

If you need some assistance trying to determine what is the best hardware or software for your needs, we can help. We will let you know what software we recommend, as well as providing reasonable pricing. We can also help you pick out the best hardware for your budget, whether it is an entire network infrastructure, a workstation, an internal component such as memory or a hard drive, or an external device such as a scanner or a printer. We are constantly evaluating new products as they are released and surveying trade literature to ensure that you get the right product for the right job. We also have personal experience using and maintaining a wide array of products.

Hardware Installation:

We can also install your hardware for you. We install and configure new workstations and connect them to a variety of networks from Microsoft to Novell and even hybrid networks. If the new workstation is replacing an older machine, we can transfer data files and re-install compatible applications from the old to the new. We can also assist with a variety of hardware upgrades, such as installing additional memory or hard drive, or attaching additional devices to the workstation, such as a printer or page scanner.

LAN Administration:

Many departments are interested in having the benefits of a local area network, such as the ability to share files, printers, and software applications, but they don't have anyone within their group with the technical expertise or the time to manage it. We have a service designed to help in situations such as these. We will administer your network for you for a modest fee based on the size of your LAN. This gives you the benefits of a network without all the hassles. You can focus on your mission within your company and we will handle the technical issues, like making sure software gets installed, hardware is upgraded, backups get run, security is maintained, etc...


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